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29-vuotias ikuinen nöösi Karkkilasta. Asun sekä Lohjalla missä käyn koulua tällä hetkellä pelialalla (koodausta,pelikenttien suunnittelua etc...). Harrastan urheilua eri muodoissa esim. salibandy, jääkiekko. Yritän myös käydä aktiivisesti Lan-tapahtumissa. Olen innokas ilotulittaja myös ollut jo 20 vuoden ajan.
Menneenä uutenavuotena vihdoin pääsin kokeilemaan miltä tuntuu järjestää ammattitulituksia. Pelaan myös PC-pelejä laidasta laitaan. Tykkään myös solkenaan kelailla Bond-elokuvien takaa-ajo kohtauksia. Tätä on jatkunut nyt noin vajaa 20 vuotta.


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The bloody conclusion of retribution

Posted : 1 year, 10 months ago on 22 January 2013 01:52 (A review of Django Unchained)

A decent western from the QT. Jamie Foxx gets his freedom from the shackles by the bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz(Waltz) and gets in the bounty hunting business with him before getting after the people who took his wife. Story is full of wonderful and entertaining characters played by old school actor´s. That is the most entertaining part. Especially DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson make the most out of there characters. The retribution part is also very well done. I´m a bit skeptical about the ending and the way it turn out. I have always been a huge fan of QT´s tradition and style of using music is his films. They bring so much in to the film. That style, elegance and even flamboyance. The action is there always. Bloody as ever. That is the part that does not fail.

The Cinematography is the next best thing. It is magnificent and bright with colors. Its like sometimes you can almost find yourself in a children´s book for a few seconds. After that the book is covered in blood. Script and dialogue are QT´s strongest field. He makes you laugh, he makes you angry and sometimes even disappointed. The ending was the only part that I was very disappointed. Also the editing room is the place where QT should have been spending more time. It is a bit too long for my taste. But maybe after a rewatch i can see that the scenes that now come to mind are there for a reason. Hopefully the Blu-Ray version has some deleted scenes. You can´t really hate a western. Because there is never too much them in this world.

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The Dark Knight of Bond Movies

Posted : 2 years ago on 28 October 2012 11:04 (A review of Skyfall)

It´s been 50 years this year when Sean Connery first made his sublime and cool appearance as Bond, James Bond in Dr. No. We´ve come a long way from odd jobs (please wipe my memory of Moonraker) to glamorous gals and menacing villains.

Daniel Craig´s third outing starts with a gesture that good thins are coming when he chases bad guys in Istanbul. The chase is not done with trademark Bourne shaky-camera. This time around Roger Deakins is behind the cinematography and my god it looks brilliant. Mendes also a good job at directing. Maybe a bit more editing might have done the trick. There lies the biggest problem in Skyfall. It´s too longish. In some scenes i hoped that it would cut to the next scene or even someplace else but no. Well u can´t succeed in everything.

But we´re Mendes fails he also delivers. 50 years of Bond are well shown in Skyfall. We get some good stuff finally back especially Q. Ben Whishaw´s Q is a warm welcome for Bond fans. And finally Craig get´s an worthy Villain to fight against. Bardem hasn´t lost his touch from No Country for Old Men. Silva is brilliant, funny and evil most hand. He´s like the Hannibal Lecter of Bond Villains. Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe´s characters are in the end quite small but important nonetheless. Dench makes a ravishing role as M. Craig also improves his Bond. This time he is funny and makes some good comeback lines as he should.

All and all it´s a feisty 2hrs 25mins as they go along like nothing. It might not be the best bond in my opinion. Sometimes it doesn´t even feel like a James Bond movie. Skyfall has all the elements but it´s missing something that let´s say From Russia With Love or Goldeneye had. Can´t quite say what it is. Anyway. Happy Birthday Mr. Bond. You truly are back.

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Magical game

Posted : 3 years, 6 months ago on 20 May 2011 11:50 (A review of L.A. Noire)

Its L.A. The town of criminals, film stars and crooked cops. Think Asphalt Jungle or L.A. Confidential and u get the point. Cole Phelps is rising rookie cop just out of from the trenches of war. He makes his way on the LAPD:s promotion list fast by solving crimes and some more crimes.

Thing that captured me the most was the great style of lighting and face animation used on this game. I did not play Rockstar´s previous game Red Dead Redemption that much but i can surely tell that face capturing has taken major step after GTA IV. Also the City of Angels looks and sounds great. Its beautiful real life places and great crime scenes will make u blink your eyes a few times before u realize that this might be the next step in gaming industry. But like all games this has problems. Firstly i played a few main missions and i got so frustrated when ever i was going to a place that had a lead for the on going case i had to take a call for some lowlife shooting wildly or two guys robbing some liquor store. That happened on every major crime and it was really frustrating. Surely u can skip those or put your partner to drive but that really takes away some of the inside for the game. Secondly its very hard to interrogate and question suspects at first. My first interrogation took me 10 times before i got it. Maybe with some practice. Also some of the characters are ripoffs from L.A. Confidential. Like your first Captain using words like boyo and lad. I felt like James Cromwell was lecturing Guy Pearce in L.A. Confidential. Now im only missing Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Danny DeVito and Kim Basinger. This is a very well done game and with u minor mistakes left out this may have been the best game of the year.

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Tällä kertaa Laurence Fishburne joukkoineen on häiritsemässä Bronsonia. Tytär ja taloudenhoitaja ovat tällä kertaa uhreina ja peruskostoilua tosin huomattavasti alkuperäistä tökerömpää. Bronson myös pitää Jacques Cousteau pipoa öisin koska se on trendikästä.
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Mysteeristen rahojen perässä juoksemista ja erittäin brutaalia ja elävää toimintaa aika ajoin. Lee Marvin on peruskova itsensä ja hänen kumppanina toimiva nuori Clu Culager tuo hauskojen eleittensä sekä coolin olemuksensa kanssa mukavan lisän kohtauksiin. Alvariinsa pyöritettävien ja pitkien takautuminen tullessa jo kolmanteen osaan aloin saamaan niistä tarpeeksi. Onneksi elokuva loppuikin tämän jälkeen jo. Loppujen lopuksi varsin viihdyttävä Neo Noir pätkä. Mainio loppu ja yhdet parhaista viimeisistä sanoista elokuvissa ikinä. "lady I aint got the time."
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The Front Page
Viihdyttävä satiiri. Matthau ja Lemmon parhaimmillaan.
1 week ago
Navy Seals
 Navy Seals 5/10
1 week, 2 days ago
Navy Seals
Aluksi ollaan matkalla häihin, kunnes Charlie Sheenin stunttimies vetää sillalta ehkä komeimman kartsan mitä on leffassa nähty. Pelkästään tästä puoli pistettä. Sitten ammuskellaan ja hiivitään hyvin pitkälti tutulla kaavalla. Lopussa ollaan jo paremman puolella räjähdyksissä ja eeppisyydessä. Kokonaisuutena silti aika keskivertoa huonompaa ysäritouhuilua. Varsinkin Biehnin juorutuokiot journalistin kanssa naurattavat. Lopuksi kuitenkin glam rock pauhaa ja Amerikka on pelastettu.
1 week, 2 days ago

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Posted: 6 days, 6 hours ago at Nov 18 9:01
Thanks for the list vote, Rocconeverdies! Have a nice day.
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I haven't seen Gone Girl yet...SPOILER ALERT....
Posted: 1 month, 3 weeks ago at Oct 4 15:11
Hi my dear friend..this is my new lists check it if you want to..hope you like it..

15 Great Filmmakers And Their Thematic Obsessions

Sophia® Awards 2014 (Nominations)
Posted: 2 months, 1 week ago at Sep 15 3:40
thanx 4 your vote Rocco :)
Posted: 5 months ago at Jun 26 20:29
Hi my dear friend..this is my new LGBT Awards lists check it if you want to..hope you like it..

Queer Palm Winners:

Teddy Award Winners:

Queer Lion Winners:

Sebastiane Award Winners:

GLAAD Media Award Winners (Wide Release):

GLAAD Media Award Winners (Limited Release):
Posted: 6 months, 1 week ago at May 15 0:05
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Posted: 8 months ago at Mar 29 3:08
Tämän tärkeän kysymyksen voi varmasti esittää täälläkin, sillä näin työ-yönä ainoa keinoin päästä IRCiin tauoillani on erittäin kökkö webclient.
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2013 Emmy Awards

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As always, thanks for ALL the votes and comments!
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hello! I have a new list that it`s kind of a game... i would like you to take a part (: thanks anyway!
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thanks alot for all your time.
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In this list indian actress have dressed themselves like in 70s and 80s.these dresses look really cultural .hope you would like it
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